Thought Residencies

Welcome to The Thought Residencies!

The Thought Residencies are short grapplings  from Canadian theatre folks sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings about art, performance or whatever is on their mind. 

Launched in 2014 by the visionary (and SWS co-founder) Sarah Garton Stanley, the Thought Residences were one of SpiderWebShow Performances first forays into a new kind of digital performance. 

After a year-long hiatus, the Thought Residencies return in partnership with b current Performing Arts Co. and curated by SWS’ Artistic Associate Marcel Stewart. 

Between November 17th and December 15th, we’re bringing you a series of informal conversations with some of the country’s most exciting and innovative artistic minds. Thought Residencies will experiment with a different platform, from Discord to IG Live and beyond. Join us for a conversation that uses the intersection of art and culture as a launchpad for discussion about Canadian theatre now.

“Are you someone with a handful of group chats on your phone?

Group chats are a way to keep in touch with friends we don’t get to see everyday, family members who live in different countries, and like minded acquaintances who can offer insights on various life experiences. Some days there is a lot to talk about and the “new message” icon can easily exceed 100. Other days it can be pretty slow and the message thread lives empty. In a way group chats serve as one, long, on-going conversation with many sub conversations happening in between. The message thread is a place to release frustrations, vent about work annoyances, share life success and personal accomplishments, but due to the nature of the form sometimes a message may not get a response until much later in the day. People are working, or they’re busy with the family, or catching up on season 3 of Love is Blind. Whatever the reason is, a response may not come immediately. In a way it’s an exercise in sharing and not expecting a response. Letting your thoughts live in the ether. It’s an opportunity to have your brain marinate over a funny joke or meaningful idea that someone shared with you. It’s a practice of holding space for each other. How do we hold space for our own thoughts to formulate without judgement? What does that look like? What does it mean to be an active listener for ourselves?  Alternatively, how do we hold space for others’ thoughts? For confusion, for joy, for contemplation, for silence, for noise, for arguments, for agreements?” 

—Marcel Stewart, Curator of the 2022 Thought Residencies

Close shot of Joey's face.

Joey Tremblay

Rhiannon's headshot. Blue hair!

Rhiannon Collett

Milton Lim sitting at a desk, studying something off frame.

Milton Lim

Up close shot of Jajube's beautiful face.

Jajube Mandiela

Adam Pottle headshot.

Adam Pottle

David Yee

Yvette Nolan

Beatriz Pizano

Brendan Healy

Sean Devine

Kim Collier

Ravi Jain

Peter Hinton

Mieko Ouchi

Susan Leblanc

Ker Wells