Keeping it Real – Online.

Keeping it Real – Online.

An independent voice for performance on the internet, SpiderWebShow Performance is the only nationally-driven performing arts website of its kind in Canada, and one of few in the world. Established in 2013, over the past four years we have published more than eight volumes of Canadian content, commissioned from some of the countries finest, unique and ambitious artists and creators.

SpiderWebShow is proud to promote Canadian performance ideals, and forward our national theatrical conversations online and onstage. We’re committed to providing a platform that engages with big, relevant ideas, allows artists to share practices across great distances, and influences the development of Canadian cultural practices, practitioners and institutions. We aim to reflect diversity in culture and practice, provide accessible and inclusive content, and continue to evolve the way we live, work and play with timely, relevant material from a broad spectrum of voices.

In the face of declining conventional media streams, SpiderWebShow continues to invest in artists, artistic discourse and reflection on the contemporary world through a performance lense. Our ongoing commissioning of articles, experiments, thoughts and technologies are enhancing networks, knowledge and understanding of Canada’s incredible cultural communities and initiatives. Building community is central to any cultural organization, and SpiderWebShow aims to bring this reality online, as a collective of Pan-Canadian contributors, makers, donors and friends – bringing our sea to sea to sea a little closer than they were before.

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SpiderWebShow could not exist without the support of individuals. Thank you to all our donors and supporters for keeping it real.

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