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Meet the Grade 12 Drama kids from Western Canada High School. We're handing over this edition of CdnTimes to them as they finish the school year and build their performance Exploder – a collaboration with Calgary's Ghost River Theatre. Along...

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A panel of 6 speakers sits in front of a lit stage. An audience watches them attentively in the darkness.

Building the World We Want To See

Dear Canadian Colleagues: Hello. It is a Thursday morning in Oakland. It’s California and it’s raining, which means no one knows how to drive or take...

Irresistible Revolutions

How many times have I shut off my empathy, my sense of truth or justice because of some kind of higher-up? How many times have I thought, if I do that I’ll lose my job, if I write that it’ll never get produced, if we do that no one will come to see it, if I say that others will be uncomfortable. While the job of an ICE [Immigration Customs Enforcement] Agent and a playwright seem nothing alike, the feeling inside was familiar.