Join SpiderWebShow

Join SpiderWebShow

Participate in Canada’s only online space that investigates the intersection of the theatrical and digital. Upon publication, we offer an honorarium of $50 per article.

Here are some ways to get involved:

Pitch a story idea to CdnTimes

CdnTimes publishes one article weekly, and occasionally extra editions if something really cool comes up.

Articles are 750-1000 words long. Articles are edited for meaning and style, not for content. Authors are asked to also provide 2-3 images, with permissions to publish online. Upon publication, we offer an honorarium of $50 per article.

We are open to proposals that push the formal limits of what an “article” is, including image-based formats, collage-style, series of multiple articles (by the same author, or a different writers), or whatever you might come up with.

To submit your pitch idea email with the following:

  • An article outline
  • Ideal publication timeline

For series:

  • The total number of posts proposed
  • Proposed authors
  • Content outline
  • Ideal publication timeline
  • Series title
  • One-sentence series description

Host a Hackathon

SpiderwebShow is also the home of the Performance Wiki, a nation-wide project dedicated to creating the first community-maintained Canadian online compendium of the performing arts.

The Performance Wiki is only as accurate as the community that feeds into it. Groups across Canada have hosted Hackathons targeted to add and update entries by specific identity groups (women, indigenous artists, etc). You can do this, too! Email for more information on how to host a Hackathon.

Republish an Article

All content is free cultural work available to you under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License (CC BY 4.0). If you republish one of our pieces, please include: “This piece, “Title” by Author Name was originally published on SpiderWebShow (hyperlink SpiderWebShow with original article url), a knowledge commons by and for the theatre community, on Date.”

Or something else?

Pitch a podcast idea … or a thought resident … or something else that’s not on the list. Drop us a line at

Response Time
We will respond to every pitch sent our way within two weeks. Have patience with us, and feel free to give us a poke if you haven’t heard from us.