An artistic working group of members of the theatre community* have engaged SWS Performance to research and propose digital platforms that could host Toronto’s dance, theatre, opera, and live art.


    As part of the research phase, SWS will conduct community consultations with local artists, arts workers, and audience members to gather perspectives on how to best harness and maximize the opportunities presented by digital technologies and spaces for live performance.


    We want to hear from you about what has been working with digital performances, what has not, and how best a digital platform could serve local performance makers and audiences within Toronto and beyond.


    Ways to Participate:


    We are asking artists, audiences, and those who intersect both to participate in a variety of exercises and discussions focusing on digital performance, including:

    • Considering and articulating shifts in space, form, and performance aesthetics in digital space 
    • Articulating modes of interactivity between artist and audience
    • Creating a roster of tools and platforms that currently exist and imagining other potentials that could/should exist


    Join a live conversation

    We will be hosting three Zoom community consultations:

    • Friday, November 27 (2pm – 4pm) [ASL interpreted]
    • Thursday, December 3 (7pm – 9pm)
    • Saturday, December 5 (2pm – 4pm)


    Register for one of the sessions here, or visit


    Share your ideas and contribute to a conversation on social media :

    • @spiderwebshow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram
    • #TODigital


    We will be listening and engaging from November 27 to December 7.


    Who is TO Digital?

    #TODigital Research Team:

    Zoom Consultations Team:

    • Kanika Ambrose, Facilitator
    • Makram Ayache, Facilitator
    • Rogue Benjamin, ASL Interpreter
    • Pip Bradford, Facilitator
    • Rebecca Cuddy, Facilitator
    • Mariah Horner, Tech Support
    • Teiya Kasahara 笠原 貞野, Facilitator
    • Latasha Lennox, ASL Interpreter
    • Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah, Minute Taker
    • Neta Rose, Minute Taker
    • Adriano Sobretodo Jr., Facilitator
    • Emma Westray, Minute Taker

    Digital Working Group Members: