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CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 3: BLACK LIVES MATTER

The Black Lives Matter movement is a robust example of a news story that gained traction and changed discourse since its inception in 2012 – in this case about the relationships between African Americans and police in the United States. For this edition of the CdnTimes we welcome Guest Editor Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, a Toronto-based emcee, artist and arts administrator. Through the artists she’s curated to share their thoughts, Donna-Michelle positions the Black Lives Matter movement in relationship to a continuing narrative of activism and resistance here in Canada. First up this week is Makambe Simamba, a Calgary-based theatre artist who points to the heterogeneity of the African diaspora in North America and asks difficult questions about voice and ownership of story while working on her solo piece about Trayvon Martin, a 17-year old boy who was murdered in Florida in 2012, and whose death galvanized the Black Lives Matter movement.
A large group of people walking on a New York street with picket signs and banners reading Stop Murders by Police and Black Lives Matter.

Can Black People Culturally Appropriate?

Black out. Dim lights slowly rise on the figure of a 17-year-old Black boy, as the remnants of Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” fade into...

Why Debate Free Speech Online?

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Vitals: Episode 2

Hovering above the face of a female paramedic laying on a stretcher.

Vitals: Episode 3

Thought Residencies

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Joey Tremblay My name is Joey Tremblay and this is my 3rd thought. I think that we need to keep repeating the mantra that theatre is essentially...
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Rhiannon Collett

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Milton Lim

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Jajube Mandiela

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