Thought Residencies

Welcome to The Thought Residencies.

Launched in 2014, this project was one of our first forays into new kinds of digital connection. Answering the question: I wonder what they think about?

In short samples, you can hear and/or read, theatre folks sharing their thoughts, ideas, and feelings. My first impulse for the Thought Residencies was to offer a brief holiday from the mantle of our own thoughts, to create a space to virtually unwind over brief interludes with some of our country’s most interesting performance creators.

Each month, I invite an artist to join us. In turn, we invite you to listen to their thoughts. New thoughts are born online each Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. It is completely free and digitally intimate.If you would like to respond to the thoughts please feel free to write to us at 

Sarah Garton Stanley
Curator/Creator, Thought Residencies
Executive Producer, SpiderWebShow

Carmen Aguirre

Close shot of Joey's face.

Joey Tremblay

Rhiannon's headshot. Blue hair!

Rhiannon Collett

Milton Lim sitting at a desk, studying something off frame.

Milton Lim

David Yee

Yvette Nolan

Beatriz Pizano

Tristan D. Lalla

Sean Devine

Kim Collier

Ravi Jain

Peter Hinton

Mieko Ouchi

Susan Leblanc

Ker Wells

Denise Clarke