Thought Residency: Rosina Kazi

Thought Residency: Rosina Kazi


So this is a prayer to the Creator and to the Gods and to the Goddesses and to the Ancestors and to my Mother who has passed.

I ask that you continue to look after us and our friends and our families and those who have um the least or who are the most marginalized and I ask that you continue to guide us to peace and prosperity.


My thoughts for today is that I’m really thankful and I feel so blessed that I’ve been able to pursue being a full time artist and musician.

I grew up in the Bangladeshi community in Toronto where art and politics went hand in hand that we weren’t…necessarily encouraged to become full time artists. But with…growing up with that community empowered me with such amazing people and arts practices that I just continued to do it. And being South Asian and Queer in an arts scene that doesn’t always show the diversity of Toronto um but yet it’s to be a part of it and to celebrate it is very humbling and I’m very appreciative and I’m tired.


Out the Window 2018.

A question came up in my thoughts today have been around how do we create collective memory.


We voted today in Ontario and Doug Ford still won. This is absolutely horrible and we gotta figure out how to get out of this provide.



Working on a theatre production with diverse artists and theatre practitioners around issues around police violence and civilian casualties and the loss of lives of those who are deemed marginalized in our society has been really…has really been thought provoking and brings me some hope and some…some sort of…I don’t know how to explain this but…makes me feel a little bit better considering all the shit that’s happening in the world.

Out the Window 2018.



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About the Author

One of the ‘behind scenes’ movers and shakers in Toronto’s underground music scene, Rosina Kazi is the lead singer of the band LAL. She / they / he has been instrumental in the growth of many of the city’s female, queer / trans / 2S / gender fluid/non binary artists and Dj’s, supporting racialized communities and friends, providing venues and forums for their musical expression. More importantly, they have managed to add an air of consciousness and political awareness to many of those events, and this awareness is the most distinctive factor of her music