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Susanna Fournier

Susanna Fournier is an award-winning Canadian theatre-maker and the artistic producer of PARADIGM productions. She is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada and the Artist Producer Training program at Generator, where PARADIGM is a resident company. She works in various performance mediums, primarily constructing new texts for theatre. Her work is feminist, expressionist, and anti-imperial. Her writing interrogates socio-economic-gender power relations and their perversions. She has made and presented work in Toronto, Montreal, Banff, Calgary, London, Berlin, Munich, and Dublin, Ireland. In 2018/19, PARADIGM is producing Susanna’s trilogy of performance texts, The Empire, in Toronto and online as serially released podcasts. The Empire, comprised of 'The Philosopher’s Wife', 'The Scavenger’s Daughter', and 'Four Sisters', abstracts over 500 years of modern history, tracing the ramifications of Imperialism as it pervades into every aspect of life from global empire building to the colonization of the body and psyche. Susanna’s work is supported by The Canada Council for the Arts, the Toronto and Ontario Arts Councils, The National Arts Centre, The Banff Centre for the Arts, The Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, The Patrick Conner Award, and The Cayle Chernin Award. When she isn’t writing she is dancing. /