David Yee

David Yee



MICHAEL WHEELER [OVER PHONE]: Hello, you’ve reached Michael Wheeler’s voicemail. Please leave a message.

DAVID YEE: Hey Michael, it’s David Yee, this is my first thought. This morning I got an email from Sarah welcoming me to this, and then I got an email from you, and it read: “Try not to say anything controversial, just thoughts that support the status quo.” And obviously that’s a joke, it’s classic Wheeler, but I was still groggy and it didn’t click right away. And maybe because last week Matthew Jocelyn called me and my compatriots “parasites,” I thought, “Jesus Christ, I’m being policed by Michael Wheeler.” Which wasn’t true, but for half a second this morning, I turned you into something you weren’t because last week someone called me something I’m not.



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About the Author

David Yee is the Artistic Director of fu-GEN Asian Canadian Theatre Company in Toronto. Mainly a playwright, his work has been pseudo-enjoyed by audiences in Toronto, Calgary, New York, Washington, Philadelphia and London. A Hapa of Chinese/Scottish background, he recently won the 2015 Governor General's Literary Award for his play 'carried away on the crest of a wave' about the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami.