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Erin Ball

Erin Ball is a circus artist and coach based in Kingston, Ontario and she is the owner of Kingston Circus Arts. She is mainly an aerialist but also does some hand balancing and ground acrobatics. She took a year off in March 2014 due to life changing events that resulted in the loss of her lower legs. She has since returned to her passion of training, coaching and performing. She loves adapting and creating new/different ways of executing skills. Erin loves to move and to connect with others through movement. She has worked with many diverse groups of people. She developed a workshop and manual in 2017, called Flying Footless, a course for aerial coaches working with amputees and aimed at increasing accessibility in circus arts in general. She travels internationally to teach workshops to the Disability community and to coaches who want to work adaptively. Erin also hosts yearly amputee circus camps in Kingston, Ontario. Erin has many current artistic projects, including her company LEGacy Circus with Vanessa Furlong, various aerial and ground works, and experimental audio description projects (to make circus more accessible to the blind community). Erin regularly collaborates with artists from across Canada and the US, including Femmes du Feu, Heidi Latsky Dance, Anandam Dance, Alex Bulmer, Michele Frances, and many more. Find out more about Erin’s classes and performances at and