Volume 8

Volume 8

White Fragility in the Hour of Chaos

The election of Donald Trump is a confusing and chaotic time to be a culturally-engaged progressive Canadian. Given a dizzying array of off-the-cuff remarks...

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 4: KEEPING THE FAITH

“Take your broken heart and make it into art.” With these words, quoting Carrie Fisher, Golden Globe lifetime achievement winner Meryl Streep closed her much...
A detailed collage of images of faces of murdered black folks, art, and graffiti with words like 'justice for andrea loku'.

Under a Shifting Gaze

We who work in the 'saying' professions must believe that there is value in the act of saying, and risk. We must know that there is meaning in the act of remaining silent, and intent. Repetition makes reality. Repetition makes reality. Repetition makes reality.

Black Words in the Hour of Chaos

Here’s a land that never gave a damn about a brotha like me, because it never did —Carlton Douglas Ridenhour aka “Chuck D” Great American poet...
A large group of people walking on a New York street with picket signs and banners reading Stop Murders by Police and Black Lives Matter.

Can Black People Culturally Appropriate?

Black out. Dim lights slowly rise on the figure of a 17-year-old Black boy, as the remnants of Kendrick Lamar’s “King Kunta” fade into...
Photo by Will Taylor, CC License

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 3: BLACK LIVES MATTER

On Sunday December 4th the US Army Corps of Engineers refused to approve an easement that would allow the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline to...
Elaine sits on a comfy white chair on stage, speaking into a microphone. Behind her is a projection screen with an image of a couch on it.

Behind the Scenes of “Make Love, Not Art”

As a fine and performing arts artist born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta (also known as Brittle Bones), this puts me at a weight of 27lbs....
Donna-Michelle and Clare sit beside each other holding hands, smiling. Above their heads, friends with razors are at work shaving their hair.

When You Tell Me I’m Pretty I Shave My Head

Last month, artists gathered at Kabin Studio in Toronto’s east end to engage in a live-art ritual. Donna-Michelle St. Bernard and I had our...

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 2: BODIES

This edition of CdnTimes is dedicated to BODIES. In our first article Making Stages Accessible, Dan Watson in Toronto picks up a thread sewn by Clayton Baraniuk when he asked Can Canada Unlimit Itself? On November 22, CdnTimes is proud to feature a response by Toronto actor Clare Preuss to a tabloid article written about her that she found published online. Clare’s creative reply to this unsolicited media attention is an artful ritual that brings with it surprising results. An article by Elaine Lee will land on November 29, finishing this edition. The Playwright in Residence with Inside Out Theatre, Elaine will share her thoughts on the performing body. She asks: is the body the art or the art the body, especially when society may deem it to be deformed, ugly or unconventional?

Making Stages Accessible

For the past 2-years we’ve been making a show at The Theatre Centre called This is the Point. It’s about love and sex and...