Volume 8

Volume 8
A panel of 6 speakers sits in front of a lit stage. An audience watches them attentively in the darkness.

Building the World We Want To See

Dear Canadian Colleagues: Hello. It is a Thursday morning in Oakland. It’s California and it’s raining, which means no one knows how to drive or take...

Irresistible Revolutions

How many times have I shut off my empathy, my sense of truth or justice because of some kind of higher-up? How many times have I thought, if I do that I’ll lose my job, if I write that it’ll never get produced, if we do that no one will come to see it, if I say that others will be uncomfortable. While the job of an ICE [Immigration Customs Enforcement] Agent and a playwright seem nothing alike, the feeling inside was familiar.
The international boundary in Derby Line, VT. Centre for Land Use Interpretation photo.


CdnTimes will publish letters from our American colleagues to hear what it’s like on the ground, now, for theatre artists working in the United States. Meanwhile, HowlRound will be publishing letters from Canadians about what’s affecting our work now. Artists from both countries share warnings, worries, strategies of resistance, generosity, and advocacy – messages of solidarity. What can we learn from each other?

New York Dispatch

Note: I wrote this three days after the election of Trump. Since then there has been a Muslim ban, the elevation of Bannon to...

Drag: The Device That Makes Portlandia What It Is

What is performance? Is it reciting rehearsed lines to an audience? Is it adopting new behaviours? Is it getting into a costume? Is it...

Re/De-Gendering the Singer through Electronic Manipulation

I was recently sharing my love of Agnes Obel’s new song ‘Familiar’ with a friend, and I found myself realizing something interesting: I have...

4 Strategies Towards a More Inclusive Theatre Practice

In light of the recent first-ever Disability Inclusion Roundtable in Beverly Hills on in late 2016, it seems fitting to talk about bodies with...
A pixelated image of students using computers

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 5: Contemporary Performance in Practice

Last fall SpiderWebShow was invited into a residency at Queen’s University. During our time there we co-taught a class in the Stage and Screen Program that explored the range of activities found at SpiderWebShow and how these relate to concepts of “liveness”. By way of practice, students created their own Thought Residencies, Wiki Articles, CdnElder Videos, and we built the course towards the class creating original performances tailored to the demands of CdnStudio. The course concluded with a live performance, including all of the above, in the black box theatre at The Bader. There was a sizeable crowd for the student named event: MetaFriction.
Participants also created their own articles for CdnTimes, using the same parameters that artists across the country use when curated by our Co-Editors. We never imagined that the work would be so good. All were strong, but here are three that really stood out. Publishing them in this special edition is actually a great way to put our values into action. It affords us the opportunity to share terrific writing and for you to meet new voices that you are bound to hear more from. This week we are pleased to present three articles that our students created under the broad rubric of addressing “gender and/or the body”.

Facing the Fuck-Ups

In 1999 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I knew a couple of people who had it and who showed no outward signs of...
A messy pile of show programs and post-its. One post-it reads: We have different but similar struggles, and it's only through art like this that I've ever found the words to talk about me. My identity. Thank you for giving me the words.

Finding Faith in Oblivion

I am a gay Christian. You may have heard of us; we’re mythological creatures that live outside the comfort of the church because of our queerness, while also living outside the comfort of the LGBT community because of our bent towards a faith that has so wounded non-heteronormative people. I am also a theatre artist.