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CdnTimes will publish letters from our American colleagues to hear what it’s like on the ground, now, for theatre artists working in the United States. Meanwhile, HowlRound will be publishing letters from Canadians about what’s affecting our work now. Artists from both countries share warnings, worries, strategies of resistance, generosity, and advocacy – messages of solidarity. What can we learn from each other?
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CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 5: Contemporary Performance in Practice

Last fall SpiderWebShow was invited into a residency at Queen’s University. During our time there we co-taught a class in the Stage and Screen Program that explored the range of activities found at SpiderWebShow and how these relate to concepts of “liveness”. By way of practice, students created their own Thought Residencies, Wiki Articles, CdnElder Videos, and we built the course towards the class creating original performances tailored to the demands of CdnStudio. The course concluded with a live performance, including all of the above, in the black box theatre at The Bader. There was a sizeable crowd for the student named event: MetaFriction.
Participants also created their own articles for CdnTimes, using the same parameters that artists across the country use when curated by our Co-Editors. We never imagined that the work would be so good. All were strong, but here are three that really stood out. Publishing them in this special edition is actually a great way to put our values into action. It affords us the opportunity to share terrific writing and for you to meet new voices that you are bound to hear more from. This week we are pleased to present three articles that our students created under the broad rubric of addressing “gender and/or the body”.

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 4: KEEPING THE FAITH

In this edition, we hear from writers who identify their own personal and particular darknesses and how they are working to move through that space. What keeps them going? The first article is from newly minted SpiderWebShow Performance Artistic Director, Michael Wheeler, who writes of the responsibility we all share to transform our cultural institutions into more equitable places.
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CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 3: BLACK LIVES MATTER

The Black Lives Matter movement is a robust example of a news story that gained traction and changed discourse since its inception in 2012 – in this case about the relationships between African Americans and police in the United States. For this edition of the CdnTimes we welcome Guest Editor Donna-Michelle St. Bernard, a Toronto-based emcee, artist and arts administrator. Through the artists she’s curated to share their thoughts, Donna-Michelle positions the Black Lives Matter movement in relationship to a continuing narrative of activism and resistance here in Canada. Up next (December 13) is Vancouver artist Omari Newton, who untangles the personal, political, and racial narratives that led him to writing "The Lamentable Tragedy of Sal Capone" – seeking the territory where artistic excellence and political activism intersect.

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 2: BODIES

This edition of CdnTimes is dedicated to BODIES. In our first article Making Stages Accessible, Dan Watson in Toronto picks up a thread sewn by Clayton Baraniuk when he asked Can Canada Unlimit Itself? On November 22, CdnTimes is proud to feature a response by Toronto actor Clare Preuss to a tabloid article written about her that she found published online. Clare’s creative reply to this unsolicited media attention is an artful ritual that brings with it surprising results. An article by Elaine Lee will land on November 29, finishing this edition. The Playwright in Residence with Inside Out Theatre, Elaine will share her thoughts on the performing body. She asks: is the body the art or the art the body, especially when society may deem it to be deformed, ugly or unconventional?

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 1: ALLIES

This edition of CdnTimes is dedicated to Allies. Organizations and individuals are being called upon to support and protect the efforts of those whose...
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#CdnCult Volume 7, Edition 8: SUMMER THEATRE

Summertime means summer theatre. Across the nation, actors, technicians, audiences and 50/50 ticket sellers are braving mosquitos, sudden downpours and less-than-ideal seating to make theatre happen in the great outdoors...
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#CdnCult Volume 7, Edition 7: ART & POLITICS

It’s baffling how American partisanship has brought us to a place where a man who’s famous for being on TV could possibly be in...

#CdnCult Volume 7, Edition 6: DIGITAL PERFORMANCE

Last month, Elon Musk (whose current projects include Hyperloop trains, Tesla electric cars, and Space X missions to Mars) stated it was more likely...