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Summertime means summer theatre. Across the nation, actors, technicians, audiences and 50/50 ticket sellers are braving mosquitos, sudden downpours and less-than-ideal seating to make theatre happen in the great outdoors.

We love outdoor theatre, especially in the summer. Take a show outdoors and the possibilities for the unexpected increase that much more. While we contemplate a well-timed sunset, and enjoy the basic pleasure of being outdoors, anything can happen, and usually does. It’s theatre at its most alive.

In this week’s edition, we hear from three theatre-makers with big ideas for outdoor theatre. These are makers who are manifesting large-scale, theatrical ideas in small rural communities. Danielle Irvine explores why Shakespeare’s Elizabethan language resonates at Perchance Theatre in Cupids, Newfoundland. Courtenay Dobbie takes us through the process of playing with Caravan Farm Theatre’s epic landscape. And Sarah Conn flips the script, talking about how micro-communities and intimacy function in urban spaces in STO Union’s piece Trophy.

We hope you get to enjoy some outdoor theatre in these last few weeks of summer. And when you do, catch the eyes of the folks in the bleachers (or picnic blanket) next to you. Share a secret smile. You are making good use of your summer.

This is our last edition of Cdncult for Volume 7. We want to acknowledge Michael Wheeler, founding editor of #CdnCult. After three productive years building this online magazine, Michael is stepping away from the publication to focus on a couple other projects here at Spiderwebshow – including the ground-breaking CdnStudio. Thanks Wheeler!

And welcome to Laurel Green from Calgary who is on-board as co-editor for Volume 8, which will hit the cyberstands Tuesday October 18. See you then.



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About the Authors

I am a theatre artist who creates work outside of theatres. My works include LANDLINE with Dustin Harvey, Me On The Map with Jan Derbyshire, and an experimental (to me) new play to be performed inside a theatre – thanks to PTC’s Associates program. Formerly Artistic Producer of Neworld Theatre, I’m settling into my new role as Associate Artist.
Michael is Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow, which he co-created with Creative Catalyst Sarah Garton Stanley. He was previously Executive Director and Transformation Designer of Generator, where he led the transition from a fee-for-service model named STAF, to the current capacity-building model it operates on. Since 2003, he has run Toronto-based Praxis Theatre, with which he has directed 14 plays and curated several festivals while writing for and running performance-based websites. He teaches regularly at The National Theatre School and Queen's University, where SpiderWebShow is currently in residence.
Laurel Green is a dramaturg, director and producer. Artistic Associate at Alberta Theatre Projects (@atplive) in Calgary, she works in new play development, production dramaturgy, programming, and creating events for ATP’s Exchange audience series. Laurel is a board member for the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas (@LMDAmericas) Canada chapter. She often works as a freelancer and she loves hosting secret performances in her backyard.