Volume 9

Volume 9
Four figures gathered around a microphone. Cyndi Lauper speaks into the microphone as the other three individuals look at the camera, somewhat surprised.

In The Flesh: arguments for digital performance

"Know your audience" is the old adage, warning writers of all stripes to consider who will be eventually reading – experiencing – what you...

CANADALAND Guide To Canada – a show that points to new live performance models

I did some math in my head as I counted the audience in roughly-full 700-seat Hot Docs cinema (still known in my head as...

Learning this land resonates

My wife and kids love Canada Day. My kids are the colour of Canada, all Red and White. Literally. My wife grew up in Kanata. Her family has settler roots in the Ottawa Valley. My little Indians have red hair. Blue eyes. And status cards. Well, they will… once I send the paperwork away.

For me, it's more complicated. I’m Nlakap’amux. Indigenous.

How are Indigenous people supposed to celebrate the birth of Canada? Most of what we call British Columbia is still un-ceded indigenous territory. Our people were never extinguished, conquered and our lands were never surrendered. That means Canada doesn’t even own it. It’s occupied territory.

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A Buck and a Half*

It’s that time of year when Indigenous performers become extremely popular for a day or two. True, “National Aboriginal Day” has become an entire...
A woman with curly blonde hair arches her back as she holds herself in mid-air by two long fabric silks, against a black background.

When Circus Meets Theatre: A Tale of Two Lovers

I have been having an affair… I’ve been cheating on theatre with the circus.  I began training in aerial circus (a method of movement...

Long Form Math

Making dances with talking, and plays with moving does not actually feel like hybridization to me. It feels perfectly natural, even though I don't...

Old Stories in New Ways

We are two Canadian theatre artists working in Western Kenya in association with rural and urban community-based theatre, music, and dance performers. Some are...

Building Participation

Every couple years I get malaise. This has happened enough times that I recognize the pattern, coming as it does between finishing one creative...

Talking Forward

So now I am left with the question – how do I as a theatre practitioner do a better job of lifting the audience out of darkly lit obscurity? How do I shine a light on them and include them in the blood-pumping experience of real human contact in a theatre space?