The Deep Field Podcast

The Deep Field Podcast

Season 2 Episode 2: You Are Here Too – Recalling the Whaler

If you’ve ever seen Michael Green do 'The Whaler,' you have every naked detail etched in your mind. It was wild theatre at its...

Season 2 Episode 1.5: Renderrabbits

  We heard some great stories in the first half of our recording sessions at the High Performance Rodeo in Calgary where we are Listeners in...

Season 2 Episode 1: Secret Talents!

Welcome to Season Two of The Deep Field Podcast from Calgary. In our first episode, we celebrate the hidden, hard won and often hilarious...

Sky Sounds pt.3: Look Down

In our final episode of the Sky Sounds series, we thought we’d try something a little different. Based on an interview with Boyd Nave – the resident ‘Butterfly Man’ at the Calgary Zoo – we bring you an original story called “Look Down” by local artist Ellen Close. In it, one species reaches out across the void to another seeking little more than a bit of understanding.

Episode #5: The Bottom Line

This week, Simon talks to projection designer and all around tech wiz Nick Bottomley about the projection design for Stratford's upcoming production of Possible...

Sky Sounds pt.2: Ranchlands Hum

We turn our ears to the mysterious Ranchlands Hum: a near-subsonic drone that has been plaguing residents of the north west Calgary community for more than half a decade, without any explanation as to its cause.

Sky Sounds pt.1: Rico’s Requiem

In this first part of our 'Sky Sounds' series, we talk to local artist and musician Kenna Burima who has created a deeply personal composition for the Carillon in the Calgary Tower - the city's largest instrument.

Episode #6: Section 27

We explore Section 27 of the Alberta Marriage Act, which requires a doctor's note and guardian's permission for dependent adults to marry. Gaelyn and Brodie share their romantic histories.

Episode #5: Santa’s Dressing Room

A peek behind the beard of Ben Laird, the Chinook Mall Santa Clause. The DF team encounter the mall's new app that allows visitors to better control their experience of sitting on Santa's knee.

Episode #4: Photoboothing with Meags

Col talks to Meags Fitzgerald, author and illustrator of the graphic novel Photobooth: A Biography.