Volume 2

Volume 2

Proud of being sexually manipulative?

When I went to see Michael Healey’s Proud at the GCTC this fall, I brought a young, female NDP MP who was elected in Quebec during the 2011 ‘Orange Wave.’

Notes from Vancouver

so why stay? i'm asking myself that question now. maybe for the same reason i decided to come back and do a master's degree--it's my context.

Anglais ou French, on play nous two

As an Albertan in Montreal, I feel like everyone is mentally constructing a Stephen Harper mask to go over my own face.

How are immigrant artists included/excluded into Canadian theatre?

The theatre I was used to was heavily funded by the government. Every company owned a venue and had a group of actors employed for life, on paychecks with full benefits and a nice pension waiting when they retired.

What stops you from fully expressing your opinions about the state of theatre in...

So when I ask you what do you think of the state of Canadian Theatre, your answer is no comment?

Public peer feedback

Would I be interested in the sort of public critique of my own plays that only days ago I had lauded as necessary?

Self-determination after theatre school

My biggest fear now is not a lack of work - it's of losing the ability to create meaningful and rigorous art; It's of having my creative impulse atrophied or distorted by the realities of pursing a professional career.

Do you remember the first time you encountered the internet?

This line of thinking is what draws Neworld to the SpiderWebShow as a place to engage with these ideas and see how they can relate – and possibly change – the way theatre is practiced.

The Coming Out Episode

But because we trade in story, I think I am going to tell you one here.

Online Evolution

By establishing an online space that regularly, weekly in fact, generates discussions and ideas around performance, we hope to contribute to the same work we have been doing since 2006 in a different space.