Volume 2

Volume 2

Do artists have a responsibility to be feminists?

Even if you aren’t convinced by the theories of Paul de Man or Roland Barthes, it seems (at least to me) hard to deny that we can’t define a feminist aesthetic purely through negation. If we’re going to affirm that artists have moral responsibility in their art, it is not enough to simply address a trillion particulars and deem this or that “misogynist.” If we’re going to be prescriptive, then we have to be specific. What is a feminist aesthetic?

Gender Equality in the Classics

In order to achieve gender parity in theatre we need to get all theatres involved (not just self-branded "feminist" companies)

Whose Revolution?

On January 12 I flew to Cairo, Egypt, as part of the Theatre Centre’s Tracy Wright Global Archive commissioning project.

Is your work connected to the…world outside world?

Laakkuluk: Hi gang! Matthew: Hi Laakkuluk. Amy: Hi Y'all. Laakkuluk: Shall we get right at it? How, if at all, is your work connected to the world...

not home

I'm writing this from my phone at Railay beach in Krabi. Overlooking a sunset and crowds of mainly white westerners who, like me, have spent money to be not home. I'm typically conflicted about these trips.

When artists are able to generate consciousness — things happen

The most important use of democracy is to overcome censorship; even more important is to overcome self-censorship.

This Ontario Week in Sochi Canada

I tackle two moments in this week that was where the democratization - for better or worse – of media was in full bloom.

A Creative Approach to Senate Reform

Now is the time to transform our Federal upper-house into an institution that truly prizes higher thought.

Me on the Map

Is there something about this process or approach that is inherently feminist?

How do you define feminism? Is it important in your work?

A feminist advocates or supports the rights and equality of women- according to wiki