Play: Territories || Playwright: Niki Landau
Shoot: Pointe St Charles|| Model: Olivier Bouyssou, Evelyne Desjardins

SARA: You know, I think you’re right. Peace is overrated. It’s like marriage. All the negociations, all the compromises. You ask yourself, is it worth it? To have to smile when you want to spit. To cut your dick off, just so the other person doesn’t feel threatened. To lie, and lie, and say everything’s alright, when the truth is you’re dying, your soul is dying because all of those fucking compromises and you realize that you’ve traded freedom to just buy a little stability. And there’s nothing stable about it, is there? It could fall apart at any time, and then it’s like nothing ever happened. You’re back to square one, only dickless. No thanks. I’m with you. Fuck peace. I want a divorce.

Territories premiered in November 2005 at Theatre Passe Muraille in Toronto.