#CdnCult Times; Volume 6, Edition 5: BECAUSE IT’S 2016

#CdnCult Times; Volume 6, Edition 5: BECAUSE IT’S 2016


If you are worried about things like Equity, Climate Change, Refugees, Data-based Decision-making, Electoral Reform, Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and a host of other social justice issues – it’s hard not to feel like in Canada we are turning a corner at the end of the year.

When we look back on these halcyon Sunny Ways Days (aka before the inevitable fall from grace) the feeling can be encapsulated in 7 syllables from Prime Minister Trudeau on why gender equity was important in his cabinet (sparking a legit #cdnpoli Gangster Meme in the process):


Given this newfound optimism, we asked three Canadian theatre artists to reflect on their resolutions and hopes for 2016. In Toronto, Jiv Parasram makes an argument for this to be The Year of No More Open Letters. From Ottawa, Sarah Garton Stanley unpacks the nature of original thought in an increasingly online and connected era. Vancouver’s Christine Quintana reflects on resolutions past and her changing priorities as a socially engaged theatre artist in 2016.

What do you resolve to make happen next year? Because its 2016. *Drop internal gangster beat soundtrack*.

Adrienne Wong & Michael Wheeler
Co-Editors: #CdnCult V6E5



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About the Authors


Michael is Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow, which he co-created with Creative Catalyst Sarah Garton Stanley. He was previously Executive Director and Transformation Designer of Generator, where he led the transition from a fee-for-service model named STAF, to the current capacity-building model it operates on.
Since 2003, he has run Toronto-based Praxis Theatre, with which he has directed 14 plays and curated several festivals while writing for and running performance-based websites. He teaches regularly at The National Theatre School and Queen’s University, where SpiderWebShow is currently in residence.


I am a theatre artist who creates work outside of theatres. My works include LANDLINE with Dustin Harvey, Me On The Map with Jan Derbyshire, and an experimental (to me) new play to be performed inside a theatre – thanks to PTC’s Associates program. Formerly Artistic Producer of Neworld Theatre, I’m settling into my new role as Associate Artist.