#CdnCult Times; Volume 1, Edition 4

#CdnCult Times; Volume 1, Edition 4


Why? Why do we do anything?

In this edition of the #CdnCult Times, our contributing theatre artists reflect on the why of what they do: Where they have chosen to live, why they practice their craft, what they chose to do with their (theoretically) non-theatre time.

This seems an essential question in the performing arts – so often we are so busy doing, it is easy to forget to ask the question, “But why am I doing this?” 

We all have different answers: personal, professional, spiritual. As an increasingly efficient and product-driven world ushers us through space and time, stepping back to ask the question, “Why?” seems crucial.

Michael Wheeler
Editor-in-Chief: #CdnCult Times



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Michael is Artistic Director of SpiderWebShow, which he co-created with Creative Catalyst Sarah Garton Stanley. He was previously Executive Director and Transformation Designer of Generator, where he led the transition from a fee-for-service model named STAF, to the current capacity-building model it operates on. Since 2003, he has run Toronto-based Praxis Theatre, with which he has directed 14 plays and curated several festivals while writing for and running performance-based websites. He teaches regularly at The National Theatre School and Queen's University, where SpiderWebShow is currently in residence.