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SpiderWebShow News

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXGAGOFK59M 86 investors from St.John's to Whitehorse are shaping the future of #cdncult through CdnStudio.      

The Birth of a Digital Rehearsal Process for Live Performance: A Slack Convo

I have been dreaming about this project for the better part of two years. The balance of the time was spent trying to find terms of reference to explain my dream to my colleagues. At several points along the path I abandoned hope. My desires far outstripped my technical acumen and it was only through a kind of patience, that has been a major part of SpiderWebShow’s success, that I was able to hold on.

TheatreWiki Launch: Participating Cities

The TheatreWiki Launch Hackathon On Saturday, November 15th, 2014 the TheatreWiki was launched with a national Hackathon that spanned over 30 cities and saw over...

World Theatre Day Edit-a-Thon

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The Hackathon

UPDATE: Click here to find out if, where, and when the Hackathon is happening in your city!   The Theatre Wiki is live. Click here to join...