The Hackathon

The Hackathon


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The Theatre Wiki Hackathon will take place on November 15th from 1pm – 4pm EST. 


The Theatre Wiki is a nation-wide project dedicated to creating the first community-maintained Canadian online encyclopedia. In order to celebrate the launch of the Wiki, we will be holding simultaneous hackathons across the country. Groups will be gathering in artistic centres with strong internet connections to act as the digital pioneers for our online database. They will research and create the first articles about the theatre companies, artists, and productions that have currently and continue to be produced in our country.

Confirmed Venues

Currently, we have confirmed venues in Victoria (Intrepid Theatre), Vancouver (Meeting Room at PTC), Edmonton (The Citadel), Red Deer (TBD), Calgary (Epcor Center), Regina (Queen City Hub), Saskatoon (TBD), Winnipeg (TBD)Sudbury (TBD), Toronto (Theatre Centre Incubator), Ottawa (Arts Court), Montreal (Mainline), Sackville (Mount Allison), Charlottetown (TBD), Halifax (2b Theatre Board Room), and St John’s (TBD).

Don’t see your city listed here, and interested in participating? Contact us.

Bite-sized Lessons on using the Theatre Wiki:

Follow the instructions in the step-by-step videos below to learn how to access and update the Theatre Wiki. Or if you’d prefer to watch the videos on YouTube, click here.

If you’d like to skip from lesson to lesson, please click any of the individual links below:

Lesson 0: Welcome to the Theatre Wiki!

Lesson 0.5: Updates to the Theatre Wiki

Lesson 1: Accessing the Theatre Wiki

Lesson 2: Creating an Account on the TheatreWiki

Lesson 3: Creating your first page

Lesson 4: Editing an Article

Lesson 5: Formatting an Article pt1. Bold/Italics/Links

Lesson 6: Formatting an Article pt 2. Headers

Lesson 7: What makes a good article?

Lesson 8: The Discussion Page

Lesson 9: Ordered and Unordered Lists

Lesson 10: Creating References

Lesson 11: Creating a Sample Theatre Company Page

Lesson 12: Creating a Sample Author Page

Lesson 13: Adding Photos to your Articles