Edition 4

Edition 4

Facing the Fuck-Ups

In 1999 I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. I knew a couple of people who had it and who showed no outward signs of...
A messy pile of show programs and post-its. One post-it reads: We have different but similar struggles, and it's only through art like this that I've ever found the words to talk about me. My identity. Thank you for giving me the words.

Finding Faith in Oblivion

I am a gay Christian. You may have heard of us; we’re mythological creatures that live outside the comfort of the church because of our queerness, while also living outside the comfort of the LGBT community because of our bent towards a faith that has so wounded non-heteronormative people. I am also a theatre artist.

White Fragility in the Hour of Chaos

The election of Donald Trump is a confusing and chaotic time to be a culturally-engaged progressive Canadian. Given a dizzying array of off-the-cuff remarks...

CdnTimes Volume 8, Edition 4: KEEPING THE FAITH

In this edition, we hear from writers who identify their own personal and particular darknesses and how they are working to move through that space. What keeps them going? The first article is from newly minted SpiderWebShow Performance Artistic Director, Michael Wheeler, who writes of the responsibility we all share to transform our cultural institutions into more equitable places.