Edition 5

Edition 5

Geographic Correspondents: How’s the weather?

Amy: I am more thoughtful in winter. I study things more: faces, reactions. In Fall I slow down and am tired, but I get out of it. Laakkuluk: I'm the same - I need a bit of a lull after summer before I pick up again. Matthew: Ditto Amy: Summer is exhausting!

Bringing Up Weenie

Meanings are often all we have. Therefore, the melee over the recent name change of Vancouver's queer theatre company was both completely understandable and wholly necessary. It was, in short, a battle of values, not between good and bad and certainly not between right and wrong, but between two equally legitimate conceptions of the company's place in the theatre ecology. It was time to have it out and clear the air.

Our Surrealist Online Reality Theatre of Cruelty

When people said, “What’s new?” they weren’t making small talk. It was a real question. Embedded in the question was the assumption the person being asked had been online recently and may have salient facts to report. The online world held all the secrets about what had occurred in reality.