Why we’re touring Canada with a play about G20 Toronto

The motivation for this approach to staging and touring a show about police actions at the G20 Summit in Toronto is to broaden the discussion of civil liberties and in particular, Charter rights, in an era when they are being whittled away.

#CdnCult Times; Volume 1, Edition 3

This week's edition of the #CdnCult Times concerns those core factors that motivate us as theatre artists. What is is that pulls us out...


Who the hell are we? Why can’t a Canadian National Theatre help us better understand ourselves?

“Post” my ass

This is the problem with the post-racial, post-cultural impulse. “Post” refers not to your culture and race and value system, but to mine. If I cannot become like you, then I am clinging to my ruinous history, and it is a barrier to me becoming like you. And if I refuse to become like you, you can, like the magistrate, just erase me from your view.

Preternatural pronouncements from a European tour

Three or four days in one city in a country of 5 or 10 million on continent of 750 million and suddenly I feel preternaturally qualified to tell everyone in Canada what it’s like in Iceland or Italy or Denmark. Of course, I’m too much of an intelligentsia chardonnay-sipper to say, “And the people – they’re just so nice!” but frankly it doesn’t feel that far off. So with that in mind here’s a couple things I remember …

#CdnCult Times; Volume 1, Edition 2

This week, contributors from Vancouver, Saskatoon and (nominally) Ottawa approach different questions with regards to a National Culture. These pieces are integrally related to...

Geographic Correspondents: Is it possible to have a National Theatre?

Amy: “Is it possible to have a national theatre?” Big Question for a big country. Laakkuluk: Do you two know each other? Matthew: No.

The anatomy of our post-corporeal performance experiment

Where are we now? How do we dream of a collectivity today? Where will we see ourselves reflected back at ourselves? How can we know one another in all the complexity that each of us brings to a life? And, yes, we must try to understand what we mean when we say us.

#CdnCult Times; Volume 1, Edition 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of the #CdnCult Times. Each Monday Tuesday, #CdnCult Times will publish a new set of posts about Canadian culture, theatre and...

#CdnTheatreThrowback: How 140 characters are helping 84 students (and a teacher too)

The invitation to guest tweet seemed the perfect opportunity to get the course alive again: to directly connect the work we were doing in class to the conversations taking place in the digital world quite active around us. I was also excited because I thought this tweeting idea might serve to clarify the course’s major and most sophisticated concept (one that I had struggled to make clear to students in years past): the relationship between theatrical creation and history making.