Theory: Episode 3

Theory: Episode 3


“You’re so blinded by your tolerance that you don’t see your offence.”

Isabelle is a young, liberal professor of film theory. She creates an Internet discussion board for her class as a learning tool and encourages them to speak freely. A mysterious student posts questionably offensive comments and videos, testing Isabelle’s open-mindedness. When the student starts sending her racially and sexually charged emails and videos – she tries to shrug it off. But when someone leaves an open knife at her front door, she reports the student to the university. The harassment intensifies and becomes more violent until Isabelle stops goes to class to escape her tormentor. She soon realizes there is nowhere to hide.

Theory was written was Norman Yeung. It features Sascha Cole, Ash Knight, Starr Domingue, Qasim Khan, Kyle Orzech, Darrel Gamotin, Audrey Dwyer. The original production was directed by Joanne Williams, and the workshop production was directed by Esther Jun.