Theory: Episode 2

Theory: Episode 2


“Wouldn’t want piss off the wrong student nowadays. They have a tendency to surprise.”

When Isabelle, a young liberal professor of film theory sets up an Internet discussion board for her class, a mysterious student starts posting derogatory material on the board. Students demand she intervene, but it isn’t until she starts receiving racially and sexually charged emails that she reluctantly decides to block the student from the board. She reports the student’s offense to her department head who questions if she is the one being offensive. He tells her if she keeps pushing her liberal agenda, eventually someone is going to push back.

Theory was written was Norman Yeung. It features Sascha Cole, Ash Knight, Starr Domingue, Qasim Khan, Kyle Orzech, Darrel Gamotin, Audrey Dwyer. The original production was directed by Joanne Williams and the workshop production was directed by Esther Jun.