These are some of the more compelling Facebook posts I saw this week that were published with “Public” privacy settings, allowing me to embed them. This is a thing Facebook lets you do now.

Toronto actor Tony Nappo is making a movie with Ethan frigging Hawke. Tell him Boyhood set a new standard for cinema for me.

Darren O’Donnell set of a massive conversation about the value of a life in the arts with this post.

We made this announcement at my other job last week.

This week i tweeted that we have hit “peak incubation”. Theatre Centre should ignore this. Clearly this strategy is working for them.

Fun Palace Radio is a thing. Check it out live or online. We like projects that provide that option.

As this is after the after party, I can only assume this was taken in the hotel lobby.

I have been critical of The Coalition in the past for being too cozy with a government that is pretty antithetical to the values most artists hold, so I was pretty enthused by this post.

You can see more of Laurel’s work expressing the creative process to Charlotte’s Web via Instagram in her article in this Edition.

Oh hey Jordan Tannahill is taking over, I should probably harass him more about that Wrecking Ball play we started working on.

SummerWorks is accepting applications and doing this differently this year.

I put this in here because I was reading This Changes Everything last night and basically it’s now or never people. No one will remember the Dora noms, everyone will remember the apocalypse.



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