Blacks Don’t Bowl

Blacks Don’t Bowl


Play: Blacks Don’t Bowl || Playwright: Vadney Haynes
Shoot: Pointe St. Charles || Models: Josh Goldberg, Kareem Alleyne

SHERMAN: Ya gotta be careful sometimes with images. Powerful stuff, man. The wrong images in the right eyes and who knows where that could lead.

PINTO: Look at you. Porn-boy talkin’ ’bout censorship.

SHERMAN: I didn’t say anything ’bout censorship. Why are you always putting words in my mouth?

PINTO: So I can hear you say something intelligent.

SHERMAN: I’m just saying you’ve got to be careful, ‘specially when it comes to images of Black people.

PINTO: We don’t need to be protected, thank you very much, even by the likes of that half-Jewish, half-Irish Darwinian experiment called Sherman O’Donnell.

SHERMAN: Bite of my potato bagel?

PINTO: If we keep being afraid of how we’re perceived, then we’ll never get out from under, and nothin’ will change. Thick skin beats small mind any day,

Blacks Don’t Bowl was first produced by Black Theatre Workshop in Montréal in 2006.