Below are some suggestions from your friends at Secret Theatre for Listening Parties designed to bring a small group of people together to share the experience so the Secret Selfies become something more.

How Does It Work?

Set up the location in your home, local cafe, or favourite picnic environment.

Place single audio selfie on an iPod playing on a continuous loop.

The number of iPods matching the number of guests is highly recommended.

Let’s get creative and suspend it in a glass bottle.

Snacks and drinks will help set the atmosphere.

You can introduce the work, and recommend pieces people might find interesting, or you can leave it to be discovered. It’s entirely up to you.

Allow folks to guide themselves.

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About the Author

"Dustin Harvey – Secret Theatre Dustin’s recent work is about a beauty found in the connections between strangers. These projects include theatrical walks with the help of iPods,  live film experiences, site-specific performances, and responsive audio installations. Each production is about creating meaningful, shared experiences that are thoughtful, intimate, and temporary."