Selfies Season 2

Selfies Season 2

Stephanie Yee: Open Waters

As a performance and installation artist, my interest in audio is about asking questions about who we are as a culture. Storytelling and dialogue are compelling as I consider character and seek out ways to explore interior/intangible environments: I believe that I am who I am because of those around me.

Susan Leblanc: Summertime

I have had a long-time interest in what our voices can betray about us. How we change it to get what we need and how it changes involuntarily as our emotions shift and change. When my first child was born, I swore to be aware and careful with my voice and now that that child is 3, I am at times pleased, and at other times appalled at the sound of my voice in relation to her. In this residency, I explored the joy and shame of how I relate vocally to my children, and to create a piece that captures our complex and amazing relationships.

Lisa Lipton: SICKNESS ::: Ridin’

Ridin’ is an experimental sound // noise recording that explores an alternative narration and voice for myself as drummer. The bed track for the sound piece was sourced through recorded drum practices, that became distorted and accentuated with additional dialogue, beats, sound samples, acting as emotional, present responses that were felt and found throughout the residency period.

Patrick Blenkarn: Play

Play asks you to play. Just play. It is somewhere between an instructional monologue and and inspirational monologue for the flamboyant musician within you. It puts into direct conflict actions of play and the social/behavioural superego in each of us that polices experiences of liberation.

Susanne Chui: Beautiful Mountain

I’m excited to explore the limitless possibilities of sound. As a dance artist I focus on movement and the visual world. To dive into sonic waters is exciting and intriguing. What will come out of it? Who knows! That’s what excites me the most.

How to Throw a Listening Party

Below are some suggestions from your friends at Secret Theatre for Listening Parties designed to bring a small group of people together to share the experience so the Secret Selfies become something more.