Edition 3

Edition 3

A Buck and a Half*

It’s that time of year when Indigenous performers become extremely popular for a day or two. True, “National Aboriginal Day” has become an entire...
A woman with curly blonde hair arches her back as she holds herself in mid-air by two long fabric silks, against a black background.

When Circus Meets Theatre: A Tale of Two Lovers

I have been having an affair… I’ve been cheating on theatre with the circus.  I began training in aerial circus (a method of movement...

Long Form Math

Making dances with talking, and plays with moving does not actually feel like hybridization to me. It feels perfectly natural, even though I don't...

Old Stories in New Ways

We are two Canadian theatre artists working in Western Kenya in association with rural and urban community-based theatre, music, and dance performers. Some are...
Busy party scene with laughing girl in centre of crowd.

Rage-ing With and Against The Machine

SEX. I realize now I prefer to write about sex. Maybe I can meander my way from technology to my preferred topic. Facebook friends chimed in on my wall with ideas. Many offered up suggestive descriptions of banal tasks, like “plugging in” USB keys, or “turning on” electricity. Techroticism, I’ll call it. Aside from the innuendo, people seem to believe that technology is mostly about sex anyway, that our interactions with it are laden with sexual gestures and motifs.