Edition 2

Edition 2

What Exactly is a Shared Platform?

“Many now question the feasibility of requiring artists to incorporate as stand-alone organizations in order to receive public and private funding, and seek alternative models to sustain their practice. One of the alternatives that has been proposed to address this challenge is shared charitable platforms.”

Theatre by the Numbers

Every year, hundreds of theatre productions happen across Canada, mounted by PACT member and other professional companies, touring productions, Fringe shows, independent productions in store front theatres and pop-up venues. (I can’t even begin to conceive of the number of community and amateur performances.) So there must be thousands of individual performances. And, given the limitations of our data collection and the underfunded nature of the sector, we simply lose the information.

Equity In Theatre: And Now for The Straight White Male Perspective

I finally began to understand. I can write and speak up without the fear of being viewed as an angry bitter woman, person of colour complaining again about the lack of opportunities, or offending an artistic director who might hire me. And now I’m writing this article because I can; I am enabled to be vocal about gender equity in a way that many women who are shut out from decision-making positions are not.