Edition 9

Edition 9

the cost of working for free when you’re not in your twenties anymore…

When you work as long and tiring hours as we work over the festival, and you’re not being paid, you will need to have a relatively clear reason of why you’re doing something like that for the eighth year in a row.

My Intervention

I don’t want my tombstone to read: “she was the busiest person in Canadian theatre” or “hardest working” or… you get the picture. But if I don’t slow down the odds increase that this will happen to me. Are you feeling like it could happen to you too?

Mega Event – Mega Work

Wherever the Mega Events are hosted, it’s never just about sport. The local communities want to showcase their city in the best possible light and retain some long-lasting positive effects from the influx of cash and attention. The arts community plays a significant role in achieving the first goal and is therefore well-positioned to benefit from the second. But first, you must survive.