Edition 3

Edition 3

Mike Daisey achieves some praxis

Mike Daisey had a pretty significant impact on my theatre company for someone I have never met.

Could use some entertainment

For a while now I’ve been thinking and working from a question of finding “A populism I can stand behind.” These are hard days for populism – it’s getting called out for a lot. Specifically, a combination of the Fords (who are totally populist), Andrea Horwath’s campaign for the NDP and in “what’s wrong with Canadian theatre” conversations.

Towards a Dramaturgy of Resistance

In order to begin thinking about how to "revive" Canadian theatre, we must ask why we do it. In a world where theatre exists in the same capitalistic marketplace, and is a similar type of business venture as toy stores or restaurants, what is the theatre’s purpose? What has the theatre become in a world where anybody can choose theatre as their career and selling product?