Edition 10

Edition 10

The Order of Senator

I am not an expert in Constitutional matters, heck I never even wrote the LSATs, but it seems to this layperson that he has stumbled upon a Constitutional sweet-spot. That place where meaningful change can take place without long drawn out talks that bring out the existential worst in us as we question the very nature of our own Confederation.

Let’s get a real subjective conversation going

Directors and colleagues who fear the review – I do recommend the binge review reading. And if you’re a reviewer, or want to simply express your response to a production – please hashtag it. Let’s get a collection and a real subjective conversation going, for work from right across Canada. #cdncult #review


Any producing scenario for seven plays demands a lot of actors (even an ensemble approach would require at least 24 or more) and a very long rehearsal period, yet we believe that community is still the way forward: a community of producers working in partnership to achieve something none of them could working alone.