Edition 8

Edition 8

Yes Culture, Yes Twitter

My Twitter feed is a mix of both French and English. As a rule, I first tweet in the language of the content I am passing along. If the article is in English and I feel it’s pertinent, I might then write another tweet in French on the subject for my Francophone followers. I find that it’s only then that they tend to retweet it and vice versa for Anglophones.

How have new technologies influenced your artistic practice and sense of place in the...

I definitely do not use as much technology as my collaborators, but I suppose that's why we collaborate - I add something and they add something.

Wired Times – invitations to join in

The work we are doing in the Experiments wing of the SpiderWebShow just barely scratches the surface of what I sense is possible for theatrical storytelling online. Each piece of content is contemplating the question: what happens when theatre makers’ sensibilities are expressed using online tools?