Edition 3

Edition 3

Geographic Correspondents: What influences your work?

Laakkuluk: You do work politics in, but you said you are not a protester? Amy: I feel if we are aware of what is happening in our community we can't help but bring it in into our work. It is top of mind when we create. Matthew: Yes. Maybe I am a protestor. Amy: We can protest without placards and signs...the mighty pen and the act!

Shake your money maker

Now I will shake my money maker. This here – my gut - is how I make a living. I watch hundreds of shows a year with my education, professional experience, eyes and ears backing up my analysis of a production. But my most important tool is the one I cursed this morning trying to put on last fall’s jeans.

Why we’re touring Canada with a play about G20 Toronto

The motivation for this approach to staging and touring a show about police actions at the G20 Summit in Toronto is to broaden the discussion of civil liberties and in particular, Charter rights, in an era when they are being whittled away.