Volume 1

Volume 1

Geographic Correspondents: Is it possible to have a National Theatre?

Amy: “Is it possible to have a national theatre?” Big Question for a big country. Laakkuluk: Do you two know each other? Matthew: No.

The anatomy of our post-corporeal performance experiment

Where are we now? How do we dream of a collectivity today? Where will we see ourselves reflected back at ourselves? How can we know one another in all the complexity that each of us brings to a life? And, yes, we must try to understand what we mean when we say us.

#CdnTheatreThrowback: How 140 characters are helping 84 students (and a teacher too)

The invitation to guest tweet seemed the perfect opportunity to get the course alive again: to directly connect the work we were doing in class to the conversations taking place in the digital world quite active around us. I was also excited because I thought this tweeting idea might serve to clarify the course’s major and most sophisticated concept (one that I had struggled to make clear to students in years past): the relationship between theatrical creation and history making.