A forest and wooden bench covered in winter snow.

PlayMe Summer Shorts Series: Chemo Sabe

A man's reflections on life, marriage, aging, and mortality while undergoing the surreal experience of chemotherapy. Written by John Mullin, performed by Eric Peterson.
Photo from white pills, the bottle and the cap.

PlayMe Summer Short Series: Clutched By a Hair

After a teenager escapes her family home and abusive father, as an adult she discovers that she is vulnerable in ways that remind her...
Black and white photo of man tinkering with old time wooden radio.

PlayME Summer Short Series: The Fall of Andrew Allen

Andrew Allen was the national head of CBC radio drama during the golden age of radio from 1943 to 1955. He oversaw the work...
Close up newspaper with classified ad circled in marker.

PlayME Summer Short Series: A Classified Heart

There is bourbon and beers and bar stools. There is a Sombrero, and also a flute. There is longing and lust and loneliness. And...
Two feet on a gurney, under a sheet.

PlayME Summer Short Series: Betting on Death

Fonso Morelli likes to bet on horses, but always loses. He is in line for an inheritance but his Zia Gena refuses to die....
Black and white image of an old house, through tree branches.

PlayME Summer Short Series: House

What if the walls could speak? House tells the story of a home and the people who have lived there. Written by Chris Nash, performed...
Yellow fireworks in the night sky.

PlayME Summer Shorts Series: Benji Hayword

A father's obsession with the tragic death of a Toronto teen leads to his son's public humiliation. Family roles blur when he takes LSD at...

PlayME Summer Short Series: The Timekeeper

The Timekeeper is a dark, quirky comedy about a man who fears he is running about of time. Part of PlayME's Summer Shorts series. Written by...
Headshot of Norman Yeung

Theory: Episode 4 – the Interview

Chris talks with the playwright of Theory, Norman Yeung, about a broad range of topics including diversity and race in theatre, liberalism, censorship and...
Two hands resting on a computer keyboard, lit only by the computer screen.

Theory: Episode 3

“You’re so blinded by your tolerance that you don’t see your offence.” Isabelle is a young, liberal professor of film theory. She creates an Internet...