Edition 4

Edition 4

The Pipeline Project

Petroleum is in everything! We burn it, Play with it, eat it, wash with it, wear it, drive with it, sleep on it, War with it, fly with it, ship it, text and send emails with it, breath it, fuck it. Everything we do in this modern industrial technologically saturated world is made possible only by the wondrously complex hydrocarbon chains we call oil.

The arts funding pipeline

I had a moment when I saw the logos of the festival’s major sponsors. It reminded me of a moment I’d had several months earlier while attending the premiere of my husband’s play Butcher at Alberta Theatre Projects. A group of us were attending a Q&A session with Butcher’s director and playwright. Upon arrival, attendees were given welcome bags, and lanyards to wear.

What is the “IT”? NORTHBOUND 63 in rehearsal

When the NORTHBOUND 63 collective sits down to talk about this show, there is a lot of talk about “IT”. What is the “IT” that we wrestle with when contemplating the question of how to stop, or even reverse the path global capitalism has committed us to?