Edition 3

Edition 3

Reflections on The Study/Repast

As Canadians, it is no longer enough to explore and critique the art and expression of Indigenous people, while remaining ignorant of the multi-generational and systemic complicity in their life outcomes. We are at the dawn of a new frontier in our relationship and one that is filled with possibility. If we have the courage to use it wisely, we can change the path we have been on.

Claiming Space at the Table

The Study / Repast was an opportunity to dig deeper into the roots of Indigenous theatre in Canada by bringing Indigenous theatre students and recent graduates together with a professional acting company and other seasoned Indigenous performing artists, including Monique Mojica, Daniel David Moses, and Muriel Miguel. These artists were often present during the creation and production processes of the work we were exploring, and so could offer insight into the rumblings of Indigenous theatre.

A personal realization about programming Indigenous work

I had heard this history, but until I heard the stories and was moved by those stories, I did not know the history. I’ve never had the power to physically punch out. I dropped out of debating club because I got called Olive Oyl at a tournament. I wish I was a fighter but I’m not. But we, you and I in the theatre, in TV and in film – WE have the power to teach. We have the power to reach people.