Edition 10

Edition 10

Dear Michele

You said “write it down. Be clear. Be articulate. Define what you’re on about.” And, then you laughed and told me a story. A story that could only be told by acting the entire thing out, on your feet, in a crowded coffee shop, accidently bumping into someone holding a latte, who is giving you an annoyed look, who you politely apologize to while laughing loudly and openly and then simply carrying on with your story.

Thank You Michael Green

We often butted heads and had strong opinions that didn’t always align. In my post-Mutton Busting/Bubonic Tourist days I worked hard to “re-brand” myself as not a Rabbit and not the next "Michael Green”. Those were hard days for me, but Michael, despite his occasional concerns was supportive and encouraging even when I would antagonize him with ridiculous suggestions

Memorializing The Bomb

Learn about Making Treaty 7. Contemplate the very real costs of change. That lives are always held in the balance and that however you characterize it - change is like war and there will always be - to use the heinous phrase -“collateral damage”. Three of the deceased personally impacted my life in ways unknowable but profound, but all 4 of them, Warriors all, left an indelible mark for change.