Edition 1

Edition 1

Kicking and Screaming: Dragging criticism into the 21st Century

Like in the performing arts industry, there is a hierarchal structure in theatre criticism. But there’s a twist: only a handful of full-time, “legitimate” jobs exist across the country, and with journalism in the state it’s in, it’s unclear whether those positions will exist when their current fillers depart.

Let’s get critical

The way we experience art is shaped by what we are taught in our childhoods, in our communities of origin, and through our embodied experiences.

The increasingly permeable divide between artists and critics

When we started the Praxis blog in 2006 it had one golden rule: No reviews. We felt as artists we wanted to communicate with and about other artists. If the site passed judgment on artistic merit of our colleagues' work, we would always be outsiders. This seemed antithetical to our aims.