Edition 9

Edition 9

Learning From Verbatim

For over two years, I spent time with the community. I visited schools, shopping malls, shelters, churches, jails, and offices. I helped deliver early morning coffee to people sleeping outside, played pool with youth at shelters, stood on street corners and knocked on doors in random neighborhoods. Almost every person I talked to had something to say about the issue of homelessness.

A Gay Heritage Moment

Toronto has a hole in it where a Patrick used to be. I cannot be the only one missing his remarks on recent Rob Fordian events. Nor, I’m sure, am I the only one missing his dry rejoinders about all manner of incivility surrounding us at every turn. His response – for example – to the Sochi Olympics is missing from the front lines, or his well-structured outrage to the demise of public transit, indeed his legendary critique of (pick any show and imagine a moment) is leaving me devoid of a bon mot that I would traditionally have recounted from his lips to your ears.

Imagined Canada

Laakkuluk: I think that as artists we both help create and challenge popular culture which kind of goes back to our conversation about artists as activists. I think that no matter what, "Canada" is going to be shaped by popular culture. and it is our job to explore the extra-ordinary - outside of popular culture. Matthew: Can either of you think of irresponsible artists who don't imagine Canada well? Laakkuluk: I think more of the irresponsibility of curators and galleries more than the artists. Amy: Ah, I understand that Laakkuluk. I never thought about an irresponsible artist! Judgement?