announcinG foldA: festival of live digital Arts

announcinG foldA: festival of live digital Arts


Last week on Twitter, SpiderWebShow announced the first installment of foldA, a a nation-wide festival of live digital art.

The first foldA will unfold across the country, with a physical base at the recently built “Isabel” in Kingston, ON (Haudensosaunee and Anishinaabe Territory). Digital tools, such as CdnStudio, will network performances together.

A key collaborator is Brendan Healy, formerly of Buddies in Bad Times and recently appointed Artistic Director for the city of Brampton, ON.

Featuring commissioned works exploring both live body and online performance, the festival may be experienced in Kingston at The Isabel, at a local hub, or from home.

The National Arts Centre English Theatre is also a partner.

The inaugural foldA will take place June 20-22, 2018.

For more information, or to get involved, contact SpiderWebShow artistic director Michael Wheeler, or send a tweet to @spiderwebshow. To support the foldA Festival and other initiatives, you can subscribe to SpiderWebShow.



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