I am the new human, I am black black black, and womanly blue, and upturned, like the other side of the world.  I am all encompassing , and filled with infinity.  I am deep in love with my existence, and the pulsing earth, that brushes my hair with waves and kisses my lips with the rosy rush of life.

I am here to give, and love, and be free, because that is my right. Not because it was written down on paper, but because, this is something that is just known. I know it in my heart.  I am possible. We are all possible.

We are the new humans, forever brimming with the fresh ideas of 7 year old children, constantly outdoing ourselves, and becoming something we never knew, like an added colour to the visible spectrum.

We are the seeds, for every new tree and we are the breath of life.  We are the new human.

I am the possibility

You are the possibility

We are the possibility, and we build our civilisation at the base of clouds.

Curated by Stephen Jackman-Torkoff