Selfies Season 1

Selfies Season 1

No Filter

Close your eyes, lean in, and listen: How does audio enhance the intimacy of storytelling? How are the stories we tell tangled with the confessional, omissions, with whispers, deep truths and white lies?


Listening is a creative act. A way of witnessing. With iWitness, I was curious if the listener would conjure an image of me when guided to a deep place within themselves.

Hairing Myself

Hair. Here. My Hair. My head. An invitation. A saga. A texture. A whisp of hair. A hair’s whisper. The sound of a curl. Curled sound. Exploring the head. Heading in. Intimacy.


It starts with a name, and it grows from there. Can you know me through the voices of my family—my Maman, my Papa, my Mamère, and me?

Writing Offering Reading

I invited random strangers to flip through the pages of my notebooks and read an excerpt out loud, if they were so inclined. What began as an experiment in transparency quickly turned into a crash course in public performance and engagement.